Take your time and make sure everything is properly assembled and secured, before moving on to the next step. Having all the tools you need doesn’t mean you can begin assembling the truck.

How to Store the RC Electric Motor

Although the ESC, servo, motor, and batteries may be waterproofed, often, the receiver will not be. WD-40 is, as the name suggests, a water displacement formula. Because of its ingredients, WD-40 also tends to leave a residue once it dries, which can cause some problems like gunking up the circuit boards, electrical motors, and bearings. On top of that, you will be opening the different electrical components in order to reach the circuit boards—this will result in losing any warranty they may have. Some parts of an RC truck don’t need to be waterproofed, per se. For example, the chassis, the tires, the suspension, shocks, arms, the body, and the wing, are all parts that will be constantly exposed to the environment and the elements. They don’t necessarily need anything more than some routine maintenance, lubing, and cleaning.

Build Your Own RC Truck or Car Using These Custom Kits

Those who are just starting out with the hobby might not be overly concerned with the overall speed and handling characteristics of any model that they have. Alternatively, those who are growing in their hobby might find that the additional joy of building an RC vehicle from scratch is supremely important to them. 1/8 scale RC cars are the most common among seasoned RC enthusiasts due to their large size. However, even when they come large, how big they vary with the type of models produced by manufacturers. Check the availability of spare parts and aftermarket upgrades for the RC truck you’re interested in. Being able to easily replace components or enhance the truck’s performance with upgrades can extend its lifespan and add versatility.

Storing the RC Truck in a Humid Place

We’ve put together a great selection at the RC Superstore so that you can find something that fits the exact level you’re at right now. This pairing delivers unprecedented performance benefits not previously available in a scale kit of this nature.

You can also use the balloon and wax methods on low powered ESCs. Light the candle and simply drip the wax onto the circuit board of the ESC or receiver while ensuring they are evenly covered. Arguably one of the best ways to waterproof your RC truck is by using conformal coating. This means that all the electrical components, or at least the majority of them, should be kept away from water. Some RC trucks can be touted as being waterproof, while others can be water-resistant. On top of that, even waterproof RC trucks are not going to be 100% waterproof. Save the power driver for your deck-building project; hand tools are all you need for RC.

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Make sure to reapply the dielectric grease every once in a while as it can start to wash away over time. Removing all the dirt, sand, and crud from the inside of the motor while keeping the bushing and bearing clean and properly lubed will prevent gunk build-up and corrosion. Electric motors cannot really be waterproofed, but they also don’t have to be. Let some conformal coating drip underneath the connector pins bed box and the circuit board while ensuring the contact pins remain as clean as possible. But, the thing is, waterproof servos are not exactly cheap as they can cost between $50 and $100 depending on where you get them from. The rule of thumb is always to buy waterproof servos when possible. One of the best ways to waterproof an ESC is by using conformal coating, but PlastiDip, glue epoxy, hot glue, nail polish can also be used.

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