Drain clogs are a big problem. They do so much damage that it takes a lot of money and uncomfortable days to repair. While there could be problems at home as well, you should resolve this as your top priority, even if you have to take a day off from work. You might be wondering why it’s such a big issue. This article answers this exact question for you. 

It Can Bust Pipes

Not many people know but drain clogs damage pipes. It has stopped the flow of water, but remember there are also gasses in the pipes. Furthermore, when the water keeps flowing from the back, the pressure can cause the pipes to bust. 

At first, you just have to clean the pipes to clear the clog. If the latter happens, you will have to replace the pipes, which might require breaking and rebuilding the wall. You will also have to put new paint or tiles on the wall, and it still won’t look normal like before. Everyone will be able to tell that you have done some work here, which kills the vibe of the entire place. 

Sabotage Your Furniture

Water starts to get in the house when the drains are clogged. Water is the enemy of furniture. It might not do any damage if you clean the water right away, but let it be there, and it will weaken the furniture from the inside. 

If there was cloth or foam on the furniture, you would first see it getting sabotaged. After that, you will notice that the color has started fading. Furniture costs a lot more than any pipe, and besides, there are usually some sentimental values associated with them. This is why you need to call a residential drain clog expert as soon as you notice the problem. 

Make the Entire House Smelly

You might not have much furniture, and there might not be as much water to leak. After all, you could stop the water from the main liver. However, there is nothing you can do about the smell of the water. Even after the problem is solved, the smell will stay there. You will have to keep the doors and windows open for several days and wash the entire house thoroughly. Even after that, your family will have to bear that smell. It particularly leaves a very bad impression on guests if anyone visits your house. 

Bring Diseases into the House

The smell is not the only reason why people dislike drain water. The main reason is the germs living inside it. You would know that this water is connected to toilets. This is why it has the smell. We always wash our hands if we touch any unclean water or pipe. Once that water gets inside your house, the germs will spread all around. If you don’t touch anything, the air you inhale will have germs inside it. This will bring many diseases into your house and put your health and the health of your family at risk. 


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