Syncing your store with platforms such as Google Product Listings helps shoppers discover your store and your products in Google Search, Shopping, or Images. Customizable website templates provide flexible designs to create an ideal layout for your business.

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Strong demands of consumers and increasing number and variety of goods available are the reasons behind stupendous growth of online shopping. In fact, it’s not just a craze; rather, it signals a complete shift in the behavior of consumers. The results recommend that when creating ads targeting women, it’s significant to use marketing that builds a personal relationship with women customers. Contrarily, when targeting how men shop online, you should highlight your product’s advantages and benefits. 71% online shoppers expect sales assistance within 5 minutes of a request and 31% expect services immediately. As more and more shoppers gravitate towards online platforms, it is important for you to know their habits and behavioral patterns. When it comes to shopping, gender, age, habit, geophysical location, income, personality etc. all play a very important role.

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More items mean more inconvenience of carrying them to the car, making space for them, and taking them from the vehicle to your house. Companies take on these hassles for online shoppers, and you must pick your parcel up from your doorstep. In brick-and-mortar stores, you have to pay the price the business is asking. But as an online shopper, you can compare the prices of multiple stores. Online stores offer numerous deals, discount codes, and occasional sales to maintain the flow of customers and motivate them to return.

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Simonov and his colleagues hypothesized that active search reflects only one way that consumers shop online. A customer may stumble upon a pair of shoes in an email ad and click out of curiosity. They may scroll on social media and happen upon a cool-looking cardigan. If consumers sometimes click more randomly, then we may not be able to tell as much about their preferences from their search process as we think. A recent study shows that there are 218.8 million online shoppers in the US in 2023 spending an average of $5,381 per person.


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Whether you want a sweater, a meal, a place to stay, a ride, even a date — it’s all at your fingertips these days. And research shows that means you think less about the money you’re spending as you tap your screen to buy. It’s estimated that the average return represents 30% of the purchase price, however, the average profit margin for an online order is only 10%. The math looks awful when you consider that there’s ultimately a 20% net loss on every online order that gets returned. We at Metrilo believe that one fix can make all the difference and make shoppers shift entirely to ecommerce. By meeting your customers with all you know about them, it’s easier to serve them as they’d want to. No more blind assumptions and need for overstocking with the wrong items.

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