Thank You so much for your time concerning this matter. Hi my mother died and I’ve been left her jewelry. One ring has 1.3 diamonds of which there are 24 a big Opel the shoulders or claws of ring come up separately to each diamond and the ring stands high on finger. Hello Team, I would like to sell my Blue sapphire stone which is 3ct – Sri Lanka.

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We would be happy to do an appraisal for you on it, but we would need to see it in person to give you an accurate value. If you are ever in the Sacramento, CA area, please stop by the shop. If you would like to email us some pictures (), we would be happy to take a look and give you some more in-depth guidance. We wish you the best with selling your jewelry, and we’re here to help with anything you need. Hi…I have a vintage 1967 ish gold cat with sapphire eyes. The brooch, in a red leather box, Cartier, France was a gift to me, back then, and it has been stored with me since then, mostly kept in safety deposit boxes.

First, you can sit down and have a discussion with the company, factory, or wholesaler. And they’ll give you a formal quotation which you can then put down on the list of the information you need. AliExpress is a very popular platform that is known by many foreign entrepreneurs. It is even considered to be one of the most useful Chinese websites around.

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A jeweler will likely only buy the coin for it’s metal value while a coin dealer will be able to evaluate the numismatic or collector value of the coin. Be safe, and we wish you the best on your jewelry selling adventure. Try to find your watch or a similar one on eBay or Etsy, and see how much it’s listed for. Another option is to find a local watch specialist, and ask them to evaluate it for you.

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We would be able to buy the jewelry through the mail, but we don’t buy costume jewelry so we can’t really help there. Your best bet may be to call around to local antique malls to see if there is a dealer interested in buying all of it. Some other safeguards and precautions are worth taking. First, notify someone of the time and place of your meeting.

Hello Vanessa, thanks for reaching out to us, and sorry for the slow response. Given the many different types of appraisals, it’s hard to say how much the resale value will be. The cash wholesale value could range from as low as $800 to as high as $4,000 for the retail $7,900 piece and $350-$1,500 cash wholesale for the retail $3,700 piece.

A sellers permit is needed so you won’t pay sales tax when you buy supplies to make your products. This can add up to a decent saving if you live in a high tax state like California (sales tax is 10% here). More importantly, wholesale suppliers won’t sell to you unless you have a sellers permit because they only sell to businesses, not individuals. With wholesale pricing, you make less money per sale. So you spend less time to sell more product at a lower cost. And you also learn what’s selling so you can make more of those types of products. Don’t forget to remove any items that are not made of gold – for example, if you are weighing a piece of jewelry with gemstones, you don’t want to include their weight.

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