“When they’re hanging out in the crate, they have something that stimulates them, but they have to work down the frozen peanut butter,” she says. It gets the dog used to being in the crate for a longer period of time, while also associating it with an enjoyable activity. The “back up” command teaches your dog to move backward on command. Begin by standing in front of your dog and say “back up” while taking a step forward. If they move backward, reward them with a treat and praise.

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Repeat this process until your dog can dance different moves on command. Teach your dog to walk backwards by holding a treat in front of their nose and slowly backing up. As your dog follows the treat, they will naturally start to walk backwards. Once they are able to walk backwards a few steps, give them the treat and praise them. Repeat this process until your dog can walk backwards comfortably.

Now that you are standing up, hold the frisbee a little higher than the dog’s mouth and horizontal to the ground, so he has to jump up to grab it. After a while, release the frisbee right before your dog jumps up to grab it. Try turning in a circle with this exercise as well. Now do the exact same exercise, only move your body in a circle away from the dog, keeping it at the height of the dog’s mouth.

They may have heard or smelled an animal or item underground that they want to investigate. We all want a well-behaved dog that doesn’t tear things up and goes to the bathroom outside — and dog crate training is an important part of that.

Tips for Training

Read more about dog obedience here.

Practice this command with different objects and gradually increase difficulty. For distance work, you can position your dog away from you by sending them to a target.

If your dog is ignoring treats or toys they would normally want, it’s likely anxiety has taken hold. Alan Wake 2 is a survival horror game that’s full of many different systems, from combat to puzzle-sovling, case files and collectibles, and much more. Before you get lost in the Dark Place, be sure to read up on these essential tips, tricks, and important things to know during your time in Bright Falls. Knowing how to calm down a hyper dog is based on assessing the cause of the hyperactivity. Once you have established the cause, you can take the necessary action to change the behavior. Often, hyperactive dogs lack socialization skills.

Often, the best way to remove a mat is by using your fingers, some dog conditioner, a couple of different types of combs, and a lot of time and patience. One of the best sources of information for grooming can be your dog’s breeder. An AKC responsible breeder will often have a wealth of knowledge on all topics related to their breed, including grooming tips and equipment needed to do a good job. Border Collies are known for their high intelligence and eagerness to please, making them one of the quickest learners in tricks and training. Dogs with high energy levels may benefit from training that channels their energy into constructive behaviors, such as agility or flyball.

As the puppy grows, you will be able to stand up while doing this exercise. Start with small diversions like another family member in the room and build up to larger ones like the dog park. Our top-rated pet insurance plan can help cover up to 90% of the cost. Plan coverage varies based on the age of the pet at enrollment and the deductible and reimbursement levels chosen at enrollment. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the policy, which set forth the scope of insurance being provided and address relevant state requirements.

These include both basic obedience commands, but also tricks like “play dead“, “spin or twirl“, “bow“, and many others. By being explicit in your training and using positive reinforcement techniques, you can effectively teach your dog these tricks.

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