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New leases

The current accounting standard for new leases for property requires the lessee to recognize a liability and an asset. The lease is a right-of-use asset and must be identified explicitly. Generally, a lease is a separate legal entity. However, some leases are embedded within vendor or service agreements. Therefore, it is important to carefully examine the terms and conditions of the lease before signing them. Listed below are some tips to help you determine the lease type.

When calculating new leases for property, the entity should determine the value of the asset and liability for the future lease payments. In accounting, the present value of future lease payments, including known escalators, residual value guarantees, rent holidays, and other lease provisions, is used to determine the value of the lease liability. The right-of-use asset is calculated by subtracting balances from the balance sheet. In addition, it includes incentives received and deferred rent amounts. The right-of-use asset also includes initial direct costs calculated under ASC 840 and IAS 17.

New launches

While the uncertainty in the housing market can dampen the mood, developers are pushing ahead with their new launches, hoping that the buyers will stay calm and continue their research. There will be 40 new projects launched by developers in 2018; close to half of them will be in Outside Central Region. These projects will be spread across several districts, with estimated launch dates. In order to keep the housing market in Singapore affordable, the government has introduced cooling measures.

The price of new launches is usually discounted compared to completed properties. Therefore, if you’re a first time homebuyer, buying a newly launched property can save you a significant amount. There are also other advantages to buying a newly launched property. A newly launched property can be the perfect choice for any buyer. This is a great way to lock in a low price, so you won’t have to worry about paying high rates in the future.

New leases for domestic partners

In recent Property news, there’s been a surge in the number of new leases for domestic partners, which is a welcome development. The new leases allow domestic partners to stay in the same rental property as their partners. They also allow roommates to sign a month-to-month rental contract. As a roommate, you’re liable for the rent and any damages caused by your partner, making the relationship legal.

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