Hiring a maid service can make life a lot easier by freeing up your time for more important things. However, finding a reliable, high-quality maid service that meets your needs can be challenging. Even when you think you’ve found the right service, problems can arise that leave you dissatisfied. Don’t simply give up and live with subpar service. There are steps you can take to address the issues or find a better provider.

Communicate Your Concerns

The first step is to communicate clearly with the maid service about any problems. Call the company and explain exactly what is wrong, providing specific examples. Make sure to do this in a calm, constructive manner. Avoid accusing tones or angry emotional language. Give them a chance to address your concerns and potentially rectify the situation.

Some common complaints include:

  • The maids are constantly late or rush through cleanings.
  • They forget or ignore cleaning tasks you’ve requested.
  • Damages or theft of property.
  • Quality and thoroughness consistently lacking.
  • Unprofessional behavior or lack of background checks.

Politely emphasize that you are ultimately paying for a service that you expect to be performed properly. If it’s a minor issue or singular occurrence, simply bringing it to their attention may resolve things. However, major consistent problems will likely require further action.

Speak with a Supervisor

If speaking directly with the cleaning crew does not work, take your grievances to a supervisor or manager. Explain how you have already attempted to resolve the issues by communicating with the maids, but problems persist. Having documentation like notes detailing consistent problems will help support your claims.

Make your expectations clear. For example, state that you need the maids to arrive during a specific window of time confirmed with you in advance, perform all requested tasks, and treat your home and belongings with care. If deadlines are repeatedly missed or tasks ignored, it signals deeper organization and training issues within the company. A good service should want to know when these problems happen so they can improve.

Request Different Cleaners

Sometimes personality clashes or specific bad apples are causing the friction. In these cases, you can request that the company send different maids to your home instead. There may just be a bad fit between you and particular cleaners, despite them performing fine for other clients.

Getting a fresh start with new staff may immediately solve the personality conflicts or communication breakdowns hurting the quality. You can give the new team a clear list of duties and expectations. However, if major business-wide problems persist, it indicates that switching cleaners alone won’t be enough.

Threaten Cancellation

As a last resort before actually canceling service, use the threat of taking your business elsewhere. State that you are strongly considering finding a new provider who can better meet your standards. Make sure the company understands you are seriously dissatisfied. This may prompt them to take your criticisms more seriously and offer solutions to persuade you to stay.

For example, they may propose sending their most seasoned cleaning crew, offer a discounted rate, or provide special supervisor visits to inspect that everything is done to your specifications. If they make reasonable efforts to address your main complaints, it may be worth giving them one more chance before pulling the plug.

Hire a New Maid Service

However, if you’ve exhausted other options without improvements, then it’s time to look into hiring a replacement. Do research online for highly rated maid services in your area to find competitors. Look for companies with policies that align with things important to you, such as:

  • Rigorous hiring standards
  • Background checks on all cleaners
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Flexible scheduling/cancellation
  • Specialized cleaning services like deep scrubbing

Avoid choosing solely based on lowest costs. The amount should be fair and reasonable, but extremely cheap prices can be a red flag for cutting corners.

Thoroughly vet any new maid service before hiring them. Check reviews, ask for references, and do an initial walkthrough to align on expectations. It may take some trial and error before finding a great replacement. But cutting ties with a fundamentally flawed provider for a better fit will pay off in the long run.

Issue Refunds or Partial Credits

Depending on how egregious the problems were, you may be entitled to partial credits or refunds on fees paid to an unsatisfactory maid service. Keep notes documenting each issue and the number of times cleaning was botched. Quantifying how often they failed to hold up their end of the agreement strengthens the case for compensation.

Politely make this request to management after thoroughly explaining unresolved service problems. If they push back, reiterate how they failed to deliver the agreed upon services. For significant long-term issues, credits or refunds are perfectly reasonable to expect. If the company remains unwilling to offer any type of compensation for subpar service, they clearly don’t value customer satisfaction.

Leave Honest Reviews

After ending service with a maid company that failed to resolve your problems, leave detailed honest reviews about your experience. Online review platforms like Google and Yelp help future customers avoid bad providers. Explain specifically what went wrong, from late arrivals to mediocre cleaning. Polite factual criticism may motivate the company to improve themselves too.

However, also provide positive reviews when warranted for maid services that satisfy you. Good reviews encourage other customers to use companies that will meet their standards. By being fair in reviews, you help both future clients and conscientious businesses.


What are some common maid service problems?

Some common maid service problems include cleaners showing up late, rushing through cleanings, forgetting tasks, damaging property, behaving unprofessionally, and subpar quality/thoroughness. Personality clashes can also be an issue.

What details should I document about problems?

Document specifics like dates/times of late arrivals, tasks skipped, property damage/theft, and incidents of rude behavior. Take photos of poorly done cleaning. This creates a paper trail to back up complaints.

When is asking for a refund justified?

Refunds are justified for serious chronic problems like constant tardiness, missed tasks, damage due to negligence, or terrible cleaning quality. Minor one-off issues generally don’t warrant refunds. But bringing the problems to the company’s attention is still important.

What makes a good maid service?

Good maid services thoroughly vet cleaners, conduct background checks, offer competitive pricing, use eco-friendly products, have skilled well-trained staff, offer flexibility, specialize in types of cleaning, and prioritize customer service.

What are red flags to watch for?

Red flags when hiring a maid service include super cheap prices, lack of proper worker screening, no guaranteed satisfaction policy, shifty answers when asked for references, and predominantly negative online reviews.

How can I leave fair online reviews?

Leave detailed, honest, factual reviews highlighting pros and cons you experienced. Avoid emotional rants or exaggeration. Constructive polite criticism can help others make informed decisions and incentivize companies to improve themselves.

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